Saturday, 5 November 2011

LINK (Jerry Goldsmith)

Track Listing

1. Main Link (1:35)
2. Welcome Link (3:03)
3. Helpful Link (4:55)
4. Bravo Link (4:37)
5. Swinging Link (6:19)
6. Missing Link (4:44)
7. Peeping Link (3:01)
8. Mighty Link (2:40)
9. Angry Link (2:05)
10. Flaming Link (3:19)
11. End Link (3:04)

Original soundtrack from Richard Franklin horror thriller about chimp experiment gone awry, starring Terence Stamp, Elisabeth Shue. Jerry Goldsmith writes for orchestra in exciting fashion, then adds spunk with electronic drums, keyboards. Results are fresh, tongue-in-cheek, scary. Intrada presents same 1986 album produced by Goldsmith & Mike Ross as originally available on Varese Sarabande label, from same PCM 1610 two-track digital master, courtesy StudioCanal. Contents are identical. Goldsmith produced solid, crisp-sounding album covering all of his major highlights in a perfect presentation. Fans that missed earlier opportunity to obtain 1986 pressing can now enjoy this ultra-rare action treat without having to pay astronomical secondary market prices! Enhanced cover art, informative liner notes from Jeff Bond complete package. Jerry Goldsmith conducts National Philharmonic Orchestra. Intrada Special Collection release limited to 2000 copies!


Thanks to original uploader.

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