Sunday, 1 February 2009


Format CD (1998)

Track listing.
1. Main Title
2. Preparations
3. Honor to Us All (Song)
4. The Matchmaker
5. Attack At the Wall
6. Blossoms
7. Short Hair
8. One Chance
9. The Master Plan
10. Shan Yu
11. Shoulders Back
12. Ping
13. The Real Work
14. Morning Assembly
15. I'll Make a Man Out of You (Song)
16. Deserted Village
17. Bogus Letter
18. Letter Delivered
19. A Girl Worth Fighting For (Song)
20. The Doll Survives
21. Save the Cannons
22. The Huns Attack
23. The Huns Attack (Alternate)
24. Avalanche
25. What's Wrong with Ping?
26. Truth All Around
27. The Imperial Palace
28. The Imperial Palace (Alternate)
29. The Sword Snatcher
30. Boo
31. A Lucky Bug
32. Gratitude
33. The Pendant
34. The Sword
35. True to Your Heart (Song)
36. Reflection (End Version)
37. Suite From Mulan
Download available via email.


  1. Hi, please could you send me the link of the Mulan's Score year 1998, 37 tracks.

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    P.s.: Where did you get the soundtrack from, I cannot find it anywhere.

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