Friday, 13 February 2009


Electa 978 Format Book + CD Year 2007

Deluxe 336 pages Book with 400 colour and b/w illustrations. Hardback - cm. 30 x 30. All text in ENGLISH and ITALIAN. This book investigates Morricone's imposing production, including his less known works, from his debut during the sixties up to now. Each section is introduced by an explanatory text written by the composer or by the film director, complete with many images taken from masterpieces by Sergio Leone, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Brian De Palma, Roman Polanski and many others. A second section is dedicated to the soundtracks Morricone composed for television, for series as Moses, Marco Polo, up to the recent Giovanni Falcone, Contains 3 essays on the music by Morricone. Includes an appendix and a CD of pieces conducted by Morricone, SPECIALLY RELEASED FOR THIS BOOK.

Track listing:
01 C'era una volta il West (03:13)
02 C'era una volta in America (Tema di Deborah) (04:16)
03 Metti una sera a cena (Secondo tema) (03:46)
04 Il maestro e margherita (05:01)
05 Il prato (03:37)
06 Lolita (04:32)
07 Rampage (04:42)
08 Per le antiche scale (02:29)
09 Nuovo cinema Paradiso (03:11)
10 Indagine su un cittadino al di sopra di ogni sospetto (02:58)
11 Le due stagioni della vita (02:38)
12 Il potere degli angeli (03:04)
13 Love affair (02:26)
14 Studio n.3 per pianoforte (04:04)
15 Rag in frantumi (04:39)
16 Cadenza per flauto e nastro magnetico (11:57)
17 Scherzo (04:17)


  1. Any chance that you share this one?

  2. This a link to a great remastered and audiophile master of DAYS OF HEAVEN, with stunning cd covers :

    If it's Morricone then it's here.