Friday, 23 January 2009

HANS ZIMMER - Filmography 1982-2009

1982• Moonlighting (with Stanley Myers)

1984• Histoire d'O: Chapitre 2 (with Stanley Myers)• Eureka (with Stanley Myers)• Success Is The Best Revenge (with Stanley Myers)

1985• My Beautiful Laundrette (with Stanley Myers)• Insignificance (with Stanley Myers)

1986• Separate Vacations (with Stanley Myers)• The Lightship (with Stanley Myers)• Castaway (with Stanley Myers)

1987• Terminal Exposure (with Stanley Myers)• Going for Gold (TV) - Opening and closing title themes

1988• Burning Secret• Rain Man• Paperhouse (with Stanley Myers)• Maniac City (with Stanley Myers)• A World Apart• First Born (TV Movie)• Taffin (with Stanley Myers)• The Nature of the Beast (with Stanley Myers)• Spies Inc. (with Fiachra Trench)• The Fruit Machine

1989• Black Rain• Driving Miss Daisy• Diamond Skulls

1990• Chicago Joe and the Showgirl (with Shirley Walker)• Green Card• Pacific Heights• Fools of Fortune• Twister• Days of Thunder• Bird on a Wire
1991• Thelma & Louise• Regarding Henry• Backdraft• K2

1992• Toys• Radio Flyer• Where Sleeping Dogs Lie (with Mark Mancina)• A League Of Their Own• The Power of One

1993• Younger And Younger• The House of the Spirits• True Romance• Point of No Return• Calendar Girl• Cool Runnings (with Nick Glennie-Smith)

1994• Drop Zone• Renaissance Man• I'll Do Anything• The Lion King

1995• Nine Months• Beyond Rangoon• Crimson Tide• Two Deaths• Something to Talk About (with Graham Preskett)

1996• The Preacher's Wife• The Fan• Muppet Treasure Island• The Whole Wide World (with Harry Gregson-Williams)• The Rock (with Nick Glennie-Smith and Harry Gregson-Williams)• Broken Arrow

1997• As Good As It Gets• The Peacemaker• Smilla's Sense of Snow (with Harry Gregson-Williams)

1998• The Thin Red Line• The Prince of Egypt• The Last Days
1999• Chill Factor (with John Powell)

2000• An Everlasting Piece• Mission: Impossible 2• Gladiator (with Lisa Gerrard)• The Road To El Dorado (with John Powell)

2001• Black Hawk Down• Riding in Cars with Boys• Pearl Harbor• Hannibal

2002• The Ring• Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

2003• The Last Samurai• Something's Gotta Give (Last minute replacement score, composed with several other composers)• Matchstick Men• Tears of the Sun

2004• Spanglish• Laura's Star (with Nick Glennie-Smith)• Shark Tale• King Arthur

2005• The Weather Man (with James S. Levine)• Der kleine Eisbär 2 - Die geheimnisvolle Insel (with Nick Glennie-Smith)• Madagascar (with Heitor Pereira, James Dooley)• Batman Begins (with James Newton Howard)

2006• Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest• The Da Vinci Code• The Holiday

2007• Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End• The Simpsons Movie

2008• Casi Divas• The Dark Knight (with James Newton Howard)• Kung Fu Panda (with John Powell)• The Burning Plain• Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa• Frost/Nixon

2009• Angels & Demons


  1. You totally forgot about one of his most amazing scores The Lion King.

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